MLGS "Continuous Learning Plan" --the state name for learning that will take place beginning Monday and extending through the official last day of school on May 14th.

Each week, Sunday evening, the next week's lessons will be posted on the MLGS Facebook Page and the Group, It will be emailed out to the parent's email on record, and posted on this page in the links above by grade level. After this occurs, the teachers will post to their messaging groups the lessons and any further instructions.

Included each week will be one printable page of academic activities that students "must" do and activities that they "may' do. The intent of this is to provide a basic amount for them to do each day. Here is the breakdown of what that means:

Prek-K: 30-45 minutes per day

Grades 1-2: About 45-60 minutes per day

Grades 3-4: About 75 minutes per day

Grades 5-6: About 90 minutes.

These recommendations were made by a Kansas State Department of Education task force made up of teachers from across the state. We followed the recommendations of this group as we set up our plans.

On top of those "must" do items for the amount of time above, we have included things that students "may" do if they want. Parents will also receive a list of weekly activities in the areas of Music, Art, PE, Tech, and STEM (SPECIALS). The kids can choose which of these they would like to do and how much time. There will also be some extra academic ideas included for any that want their kids to do a little more. We are happy to help with that if you would like, but it is totally up to you how many of the "may" do and SPECIALS activities the kids do each week.

Also, we understand that the technology needs in each home are different. We will be assisting with that in any way that we can in the way of providing devices for those that need them and providing information to assist those that do not have access to consistent internet. We will be passing these devices out tomorrow at pickup and providing a resource document sometime tomorrow with some links and resources to help with other needs.

While the primary form of assignment may require technology and internet, (those resources are best because they are personalized to the individual needs of each student and therefore easier for parents and teachers to manage) we will also provide "no tech" activities as well.

Lastly, I would just like to say that we miss seeing your kids each day. Although we are learning much through this process we would much prefer to have them in school! I am sure that you would rather we be taking care of that education piece as well. The last thing we want is to add stress to your families. We will be flexible with our assignments and learn from you and our students as we go through this process. Please do not hesitate to call, text, email, or Facebook message me personally if you are having trouble. We will do everything we can to make this experience as comfortable and enjoyable as we can for everyone involved. Thanks again for all of your support, we are so blessed to be part of this community!