MLGS will enter into "virtual learning" when the cases in the community reach the red stage on multiple of the KSDE Gating Criteria AND a significant amount of staff and students are impacted by Covid, either sick or quarantined.  When this happens, information will be put out on Parentsquare (Download the app here) and on the MLGS facebook page.

Each individual teacher will communicate via Parentsquare with you and Google Classroom with the students.  The chromebooks are set up to automatically log your child in with their badge. You can set up a parent clever account by contacting the school and requesting an invite.  This will give you access to your child's badge in case you need to print another one, or if you need to log in from a non-chromebook device.

Assigned each week will be a combination of "Zoom" meetings where the student is in an online classroom with thier whole class or a small group of kids and a "playlist" of assignments that the students can work through. At younger levels, this may be a printable page of academic activities that students "must" do and activities that they "may' do. From 3rd Grade up, the students will have assignments through google classroom that go along with the content they are learning.  They will submit those in google classroom and the teacher will give them feedback. 

Students will also receive a list of weekly activities in the areas of Music, Art, PE, Tech, and STEM (SPECIALS). The kids can choose which of these they would like to do and how much time. There will also be some extra academic ideas included for any that want their kids to do a little more. We are happy to help with that if you would like, but it is totally up to you how many of the "may" do and SPECIALS activities the kids do each week.

We understand that the technology needs in each home are different. Please call the school if you are having difficulty and we will try and troubleshoot. While the primary form of assignment may require technology and internet, (those resources are best because they are personalized to the individual needs of each student and therefore easier for parents and teachers to manage) we will also provide "no tech" activities in the event that a student is unable to access internet. Let us know at the school if you require this option.

We miss seeing your kids each day. Although we are doing our best to make sure learning continues, we would much prefer to have them in school! I am sure that you would rather we be taking care of that education piece as well. The last thing we want is to add stress to your families. We will try to be flexible with our assignments and learn from you and our students as we go through this process. Please do not hesitate to call, text, email, or Facebook message me personally if you are having trouble. We will do everything we can to make this experience as comfortable and enjoyable as we can for everyone involved. Thanks again for all of your support, we are so blessed to be part of this community!