At Medicine Lodge Grade School, we are blessed to have a quality staff that care about their students and the progress they make at school. If you have any questions for our staff, feel free to contact them using ParentSquare, email, or by calling the office.  We will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Family engagement is vital to the success of our students, so we encourage you to download the Parentsquare app and attend our parent/teacher conferences and family engagement nights. That will help us get to know you and you get to know us.

If you are a parent and would like to check the qualifications of teachers and/or staff members, please get in touch with the Principal. 

Julia Banks

5th and 6th ELA

Tiffany Barnes

3-6 Title Para

Judy Becker

1-2 Title Para

Alisa Boyce

5th & 6th Math

Tina Buck

5th & 6th Grade

Teri Bugbee

2-3 SPED Para

Patricia Cargill

ESL Instructor

Becky Catlin

Student Support Coordinator

Carolyn Combs

5-6 SPED Para

Lori Crombie

Pre-K SPED Para

Andrea Cunningham

 3-6 Title Para

Ryan Cunningham


Kami Dahlberg

Physical Education

Dana Denton

Special Education 4-6

Dani Dohrmann

3rd Grade

Joe Dohrmann

5th & 6th Grade

Kylie Engling

3-6 Title Para

Megan Evans

K-1 SPED Para

Patricia Feely

3rd Grade

Jeff Fields

K-4 Science / Library

Andrea Fisher

3-6 Title

Elizabeth Forsyth

2nd Grade

Jeneane Fortune

2-3 SPED Para

Ashley Gamber

2-3 SPED Para

LeyAnn Gehlen 

Pre-K SPED Para

Jennifer Gentry

4th Grade

Courtney Hauser

Pre K

Maggie Hawkins


Deb Larkin

1st Grade

Heather Ludwick


Brienna MacDonald

5-6 SPED Para

Ashley Maloney


Sara McDonald

2nd Grade

Blythe Murphy

Tech/Media Center

Michael Murphy 

Head Custodian

Natalie Pelzl

Kindergarten Para

Charlene Ray

Head Cook

Dani Rickard

K-2 Title

Chris Roe


Megan Rucker

Speech Pathology

Christi Rutan

4th Grade

Jana Scripsick


Tessie Stanford Custodian

Thomas 5th & 6th Grade Band

Kristi Tomson

2-3 SPED

Diane Traffas


Lindsey Wallace


Kandace Worsham

K-2 Title Para

Brenda Wright

Pre-K Para


Central Office - 620.886.3370Junior Senior High School - 620.886.5667Grade School - 620.886.5608